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419th AFA in the News

Over the years, veterans of the 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion were featured in newspapers throughout the U.S. As I attend reunions, I collect more of these stories. If you are a son, daughter, niece, nephew, relative, friend of a 419th AFA vet, and have a news clipping to share, please send it to me and I will publish it here. Thanks!

The Parkersburg News, May 1945
Paul Gawthrop (via Rob Floerke)
  1. Well, guys, this ain't no dry run after all
  2. This is Cherbourg. This is the War!
  3. Dismounting in the dark--first day in France
  4. M. Gustaf's house; mine belt found
  5. Move out in the rain--to the Front
  6. Crossing the Moselle--sleep is out of the question
  7. Nazi Engineers captured--hit by an 88
  8. Keep your heads down and hang on!


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