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the story of the 10th
Armored Division
Battle Route
ETO battle route of the 10th
Armored Division

10th Armored "Tiger" Division
1944-45 European Theatre of Operations

    HQ 10th Armored Division
  • Combat Command "A"
  • Combat Command "B"
  • Combat Command "R"
  • Tank Battalions
    • 3rd Tank Battalion
    • 11th Tank Battalion
    • 21st Tank Battalion
  • Infantry Battalions
    • 20th Armored Infantry Battalion
    • 54th Armored Infantry Battalion
    • 61st Armored Infantry Battalion
  • Divisional Artillery
    • 419th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
    • 420th Armored Field Artillery Battalion
    • 423rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion
  • Divisional Troops
    • 150th Armored Signals Company
    • 90th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanised)
    • 55th Armored Engineer Battalion
    • 80th Armored Medical Battalion
    • 132nd Armored Ordnance Battalion
    • Divisional Administration Troops

HISTORY: The 10th Armored Division ("Tiger Division") was activated 15 July 1942 at Ft. Benning, Ga. and assigned to the Armored Force. After participating in the Tennessee maneuvers June to September 1943 under the Second Army, the Division was transferred to Camp Gordon, Ga., where training was continued. It left for overseas from New York 13 September 44.

DATE OF: Activation -- 15 July 1942

Inactivation -- 13 October 1945, at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia.

BATTLE CREDITS WWII: (Division) Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe.

COMMANDING GENERALS: Maj. Gen. Paul W. Newgarden -- July 42 July 44

Maj. Gen. William H.H. Moris, Jr. July 44 May 45
Maj. Gen. Fay B. Prickett May 45 to inactivation

COMBAT CHRONICLE: The Tenth Armored Division entered France through the port of Cherbourg 23 Sep. 44 and put in a month of training at Teurtheville, France before entering combat. Leaving Teuertheville 25 Oct., the Division moved to Mars-la-Tour, where it entered combat (1 Nov.) in support of the XX Corps, containing enemy troops in the area. In mid-November it went on the offensive, crossed the Moselle at Malling, and drove to the Saar River, north of Metz. The Division was making preparations for the Third Army drive to the Rhine when it was ordered north to stop the German winter offensive, 17 December. The 10th held defensive positions against heavy opposition near Bastogne, Noville, and Bras. Resting briefly in early January the 10th moved out again to defensive positions east of the Sarr, south of the Maginot line. On 20 Feb 45 the Division returned to the attack, and took part in the clearing of the Sarr-Moselle triangle, 15 March. Driving through the Kaiserlautern, it advanced to the Rhine, crossed the river at Mannheim (28 March), turned south, captured Oehringen and Helibronn, crossed the Rems and Fils Rivers, and reached Kircheim, meeting waning resistance. The Division crossed the Danube 23-25 April and took Oberammergau. In May the 10th drove into the famed "Redoubt" and had reached Innsbruck when the war in Europe ended.

HONORS: Congressional Medals of Honor -- None

Distinguished Unit Citations -- Five

FATE: occupation duty in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Austria) after the war;

inactivated on 15 Oct 1945 at Camp Patrick Henry (Virginia).

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